New ballgame

The automotive industry has been a global one from Day One. Production now stands at one car every 0.6 seconds. That’s lots of cars. Fifty-four million per annum. And counting.

While outwardly different, cars have a lot in common. Under their design skins there is a universal automobile. Which is just as well.

Without commonality, cars would be unsafe and spooky. Terribly expensive, too. Architectural commonality drives down component prices, opening up new roads to profitability through re-branding.

Add to this industry buzzword: the expanding European common market, the emergence of potent new Asian players, the Internet – both as a medium and a market, and what you have is a whole new ballgame.

To this fast-paced global game we bring in-depth knowledge and a shining record on strategic as well as operational issues.

So give us a long, hard look. Under the skin, you see, consultancies are very different.

„54.000.000 cars per annum”