Here is where Rob Henneveld’s hobby and enduring love for vintage cars comes together. It started not only because of the classic cars but also from the scene with the ambition ‘to get involved’. Together with two like-minded individuals, Stichting RETM was founded in 2015. Forming its first governance Board from the start with a new board member added in 2018. Securing the quality of classic car appraisers is our main mission.

How do we make a difference and secure absolute quality?

For a start, with a strict acceptance policy for a person wha has the ambition to become a professional classic car appraiser. Enrolment is approved by the Board, after the mandatory training and an apprentice-mentor period of at least 12 months. This for a person who seeks to become a professional classic car appraiser.

An independent notary then checks the enrolment procedure and the applicant’s information, which includes education, expertise and VOG, a proof-of-good-behaviour statement, issued by the Minister of Justice of the Netherlands.

After the notary’s approval the appraiser is formally sworn-in and the appraiser carries from that moment on the predicate “notary-certified”.

How do we walk the talk?

With periodically organized information days and evenings throughout the year. By digitalizing the appraising reports, we secure the quality of these reports, both in content and lay-out. An independent board-of-advisors assists the Board to stay on course with its vast knowledge, experience, and network.

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Branded as the commercial offshoot of Stichting RETM, its main objective is to secure its role as an orientated service provider to both retail and consumers alike. All within the classic car domain.

CCT also provides for the consumer a platform to get an independent second opinion on their valuation of the car or technical damage on both the drive-train and body. This in case of a dispute with the insurance company and/or appointed damage accessor.

Since July 2017 and under the flag of CCT, the appraisers of Stichting RETM inspect throughout the Netherlands, the classic cars are all listed on the Catawiki weekly auctions. An activity very positively received and appreciated by its owners, both consumers and retailers, of vintage cars.

Our professional appraisers verify the car’s visual condition and its workings, following a standardized inspection report that can be obtained through Catawiki by the prospect buyers.

Starting with digitalizing the appraiser classic car reports, CCT furthermore provides a platform for consumers to make an appointment to have their classic car appraised through the CCT-appointment module.

Next is digitalizing the inspection reports and much more to come!

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A data warehouse company founded in the beginning of 2017 with three other like-minded automotive experts, including an IT-specialist.

The accumulating of used car advertisements for several years in the Netherlands and several other European countries provided  the bases for the current database.

Big data readily available, to be analyzed and chopped up for information and interpretation and to be used daily by your staff.

A professional array of multiple servers feeding permanently the database and made accessible through an Application Program Interface (API).

The API forms the technical heart on which the clients obtain the data they request through so-called ‘calls’.

The result of wat we call is “authentic data”, The data is not tempered nor manipulated with. It is straightforward to be used by any automotive client who applies its own defined business rules on how to use the data.

Connecting to the API of Dataworks4you is easily done and you as a client then decides on how to use the data.

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A well-established used car search engine for the used car professional whom needs to search, find and purchase used cars for his business.

With over 78 different used car portals throughout many European countries, the professional buyer has a plentiful choice. All results are displayed in his or her preferred language.

Multiple functionalities are added to the AutoBINGOOO software. Such as automated searches in different frequencies, marking and managing favorites, adding names and addresses of sellers to your contacts and much more.

It is not a so-called web service application. The software runs solely on the PC or laptop, this for various practical and legal reasons.

AutoBINGOOO provides to the professional user direct access to millions of used cars in many European countries.

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